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LandArchTools for Rhino

Custom Tools for Landscape Architects

A set of python scripts integral to the Landscape Architectural profession that is lacking in the Rhinoceros 3D Modelling Software. These tools now work for imperial units!

Tools include:

v1.0 (10/08/21)

  • Calculate Grade

  • Show RL

  • Isolate Object Layer

  • Random Rotate Block

  • Random Drop Block

  • Draw DDA Ramp

  • Measure Height Difference

  • Move Object to RL

  • Multi Patch

  • Import, Scale and Locate Nearmaps Aerial

  • Turn Selected Object Layer Off

  • Set Perspective / Plan View

v1.01 (31/08/21)

  • Rotate picture frames to face the camera

v1.02 (12/09/21)​

  • Increased precision of Multi Patch

  • Multi Offset Closed Curves

v1.03 (26/09/21)

  • Drop to surface tool re-written for greater efficiency and error handling

v1.04 (5/10/21)

  • Added Delete/Hide selected objects outside the current view tool

v1.05 (8/10/21)

  • Added truncate world coordinated drawings to rhino origin

  • Added restored truncate world-coordinated drawings to the world coordinate

v1.06 (10/10/21)

  • Certain tools will now only allow execution if units are in mm, cm or m

  • General bug fixes

v1.07 (11/10/21)

  • Fixed a bug in the truncate world coordinate tool

v1.08 (15/10/21)

  • Added get a coordinate tool

v1.09 (24/10/21)

  • Added stair generator

v1.10 (4/11/21)

  • Fixed bug with stair gen

v1.11 (27/12/21)

  • Added Line Grading tool

v1.12 (02/01/22)

  • Added block scatter tool

v1.13 (07/01/22)

  • Added Tree Soil Volume Requirements tool

v1.14 (08/01/22)

  • Added Project Curves to TIN tool

v1.15 (09/01/22)

  • Fixed bug in Project Curves to Tin tool

v1.16.1 (17/01/22)

  • Removed Stair Gen due to instability

  • Added LandArchTools to Rhino's internal package manager. Moving forward, installation and updates will be handled through the Package Manager

  • Tools are now compatible with Rhino for Mac

v1.17.0 (18/01/22)

  • Added better error handling

  • fixed issue where enable redraw remained false

  • added select all objects on the layer tool

  • added lock all objects besides the selected layer tool

v1.18.0 (12/06/22)

  • Added compatibility for imperial units with "CalcGrade", "GradeCurve", "Show RL", "MoveToRl"

v1.19.1 (20/06/22)

  • Added DrawTGSI tool

v1.20.1 (30/06/22)

  • Display RL now has a live preview

  • Height now has a live preview

  • Coordinates now have a live preview

  • All new, clearer icons that work with both light and dark themes

v1.21.0 (31/07/22)

  • Added option to grade by height in the Grade Curve tool

  • Added dynamic draw function to the Calc Grade tool

v1.22.0 (13/08/22)

  • Added toggle RL Display button (Will only work with new RL dots created from this version)

  • ​​​​​​​Added additional length display on the Height measure tool

v1.22.1 (27/08/22)

  • Fixed RL tool displaying incorrectly scaled RL levels

v1.22.2 (29/08/22)

  • Fixed the Redraw bug in the RL tool


LandArchTools for Grasshopper

LandArchTools for Grasshopper is an amalgamation of tools I have developed over time to aid in the everyday modelling of landscape architectural projects. This script assumes the project document is using meters.

Tools include:

V1.0 (10/08/21)

  • Interactive grading and TIN generation

  • Stair generation

  • Ramp generation

  • Rock Generation

  • Geometry Scattering

  • Line Grading

  • Wall Generation

V1.01 (25/09/21)

  • Added colour profiling to mesh grades in the grading tool

v1.02 (27/09/21)

  • Fixed an issue with colour profiling

v1.03 (08/09/21)

  • The grading tool is now more responsive

LandArchTools for Grasshopper can be loaded by dragging and dropping the file into Rhino.


LandArchTools for Procreate

LandArchTools for Procreate is a collaboration with AILA Fellow Alun Chapman to preserve and continue his legacy of beautifully hand drawn landscape elements including Trees, Shrubs and rocks.

The tools are a grouping of hundreds of stamp brushes, each hand drawn, digitised and lovingly recreated with texture and randomisation to replicate a hand drawn appearance.


LandArchTools for Procreate © 2021 by Thomas Chapman is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

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